A belief in future providence

Our Vision

Continuous improvement of lives together…

Caring is our passion – We strive to be the leader in the NGO sector by promoting and enhancing quality of life in vulnerable communities and implementing programs which include Health, Disability, Family preservation and Education.


Promoting and enhancing quality of life in underdeveloped communities and implementing programs which include Health, Disability, Families & Children, Education & Training.

All employees and management strive to support the vision of Siyabonga by living out our values.


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Team Work (Ubuntu)
  • Loyal & Committed
  • Compassion
  • Supportive
  • Non-judgmental
  • Courtesy (Politeness)


Dream | Believe | Do


“As if it was yesterday! I still remember the moment when God spoke into my heart.  It was December 2002.  A Saturday morning.  In front of my clinic, a very sick rustha man was lying on the pavement, waiting for help. That moment everything stood still inside me.  I could see his hair lying in the sand.  He was short of breath. Fighting the killer disease AIDS.  No one to care for him…..

Commitment was all I could give God.  No money, no business skills, no knowledge how to start or run a NGO.  Many times when challenges came like waves one upon the other, my spirit was tested to the fullest.  If I could measure the tests God put me through in tears, the sea will overflow.  I remember clearly I asked God for help, because I had no food for the patients. God replied: “How can I trust you with plenty, if I cannot trust you now with little”

Today after 10 years, Siyabonga is still caring with a passion.  Still depending on the grace of God.  Still believing that Love can change everything…”

Chrisna Du Plessis
CEO & Founder of Siyabonga


The founder member Sr. Du Plessis is a qualified Occupational Health Manager, a registered Private Practitioner, she is also registered to diagnose, dispense and treat illnesses. All the projects are registered with the relevant government departments. As Manager of the projects Sr. du Plessis instituted all the medical guidelines, policies and staff training. Staff is trained in Home Based Care, HIV/AIDS, First Aid, Counseling, Debriefing and Parenting skills. Practical procedures and medical exercises ensure that the staff is capable of assisting the registered professional Nursing Sister on duty.

Staff undergo regular training and top up refresher training. Dept of Labour, Dept of Health, Social Services, St John’s, NACOSA, Community Chest and Municipal Clinics provide the opportunity for training and top up training on a regular base. With set disciplinary codes and grievance procedures, the staff are guided and assisted by standard policies and legal guidelines. Employee assisting programs are in place to assist where needed. There is also a complaint and grievance procedure in place for all our beneficiaries and are run and managed by one of our board members. We have a constitution and Siyabonga is guided by a well-balanced and motivated Management Board together with a group of dedicated volunteers. Monthly meetings are held where issues of importance and Management feedback are discussed. Elected Board members serves a 2 year term of office.



PMR Diamond Arrow Award

Ranked 1st overall and rated at least 4, 10 out of 5, 00 (equivalent to outstanding) Doing most for HIV/Aids Doing most to enhance the interests of physically challenged people. Ranked 2nd Best ECD Centre in Western Cape to skills development and creating workplace opportunities for persons with disabilities.


SA ECD Award

Ranked 2nd Best ECD Centre in Western Cape to skills development and creating workplace opportunities for persons with disabilities.


Impumelelo Innovations Silver Award

The Impumelelo Social Innovation Centre is a non-profit organization, established in 1999, that identifies rewards and promotes social innovation in public service and civil society. Impumelelo has awarded more than 300 projects that solve key public problems. Siyabonga is one of 28 national finalists selected from among 121 projects that applied for the Award.

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